Portrait of a Girl #4

A young girl in an orange dress and cap with pink ribbon looks over her left shoulder. She has a pink pillow tucked under her left arm and is positioned in front of a plaster wall done in blues, indigo, and black.

It appears I am not done with this lovely just yet. I was unhappy with Portrait of a Girl #2, so I decided to revisit it. Instead of a revision, however, I ended up creating an entirely new piece. The background is drippy plaster that has been rotated and colorized. I love working with complementary colors, and blue and orange is a favorite pairing.

Portrait of a Girl #1

The following is a revised version of my response to Tony Single, a wonderful cartoonist who writes Crumble Cult. (NSFW. Also, this is a serial strip, so it would be best to start at the beginning. You’ll be glad you did.) He asked me for the story behind Portrait of a Girl #3. It just so happens that it is my favorite piece thus far. Obviously, Tony has good taste. 🙂

The image of a young girl was downloaded from the Getty Open Content Program. It was taken by Doris Ulmann, an American photographer for whom I have a growing admiration. The image itself was probably taken between 1929 and 1931.

When I saw this girl, I thought she might be good model for Prissy from the Patience stories. I started the work of colorizing the picture, but once I got the figure done, I wasn’t sure where to go with it. I could have done the background as well, but I just wasn’t “feeling it”. I put it aside.

A few days ago I was perusing a site that provides free textures, looking for inspiration. I found several that I liked, and I immediately thought of “Prissy”. I worked late into the night, and the result is the three images I posted here.

Peace, Love, and Bunny Ears #4

A posterized self-portrait in white, black, grey, teal, and salmon on a stark white background. A woman’s hand, white outlined in hot pink, is raised in a peace sign gesture just behind the artist’s head to form “bunny ears”. A green heart, outlined in black, hangs precariously from the woman’s index finger.