Jennifer Nalley is an artist and author living in the Desert Southwestern United States. After working in a number of fields she returned to her first love of creating art and fiction. She shares a home with her husband, two children, and their fishes. She won’t work for peanuts, but she might consider chocolate.

If you would like to contact Ms. Nalley, you can reach her via email at JNalley Creative.

3 thoughts on “About Jennifer Nalley

    1. Thank you, Rachael! I had so much fun with those pieces. The photograph was downloaded from the Getty Open Content Program about a month ago. I fell in love with that girl. I spent quite a bit of time adding color to the image, but then I didn’t know what to do with it. Then, whilst searching for inspiration the other day, I found a site that offers free, high-quality textures, and I knew! I may do one more piece featuring this beautiful girl; I haven’t yet decided.

      Oh, Rachael! I so want to make this work, and I can’t begin to tell you how much your support means to me. ❤


  1. Just thought I’d try another avenue to see if you’re OK. Hope things are looking up for you.
    Take care


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